MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX – With election season drawing near, amongst family members and campaign supporters yesterday, County Judge Craig Doyal reflected on his first-term accomplishments as he looks toward his re-election campaign.

The 2014 Republican Nominee for County Judge is set to begin his 4th year as Judge in January of 2018.

“The last three years has been one of tremendous challenges for our County”, remarked Judge Doyal. “Montgomery County has continued to grow at a rapid pace, and maintaining the quality of community that we’ve all come to expect has not been easy in the face of that growth.”

“But I am happy to report today on some of our accomplishments – We have cut the tax rate under my time as Judge, we’ve expanded the homestead exemption for Montgomery County residents, we’ve cut the budget during my first term, and all the while we’ve achieved a AAA credit rating as a County…one of only a handful in the State of Texas. I’m proud of being a fiscal conservative. The tax cut my first term was one of five I’ve had the privilege of voting on, and one of my first steps in office was to reorganize our county departments, streamlining staff, cutting positions and saving taxpayers $500,000 annually.”

However, Doyal’s first term has been tumultuous as well as he has faced numerous natural disasters and attacks on political fronts. When asked to comment on the road bond case – which currently is dismissed - Doyal replied, “That issue has been a frustrating one, certainly. After months of investigating, allegations, and innuendos, the only outcome to-date has been a case dismissal and the placement of a bond election on the ballot that the community overwhelmingly agreed was much needed…and overwhelmingly approved in an open election.”

Judge Doyal continued, “I’m dedicating my time, attention and focus on the issues that matter most – the families of Montgomery County. I’m committed to continuing to build a strong business climate for our County to continue to grow, an environment that promotes job creation, and a community that is safe for our residents. We’ve faced four disaster declarations in the last three years…and they were all handled effectively and professionally. I think that’s a testament to the leadership we have in this County, not just me but others on Commissioner’s Court and in Law Enforcement and in Emergency Operations as well. Our response to those natural disasters and the community as a whole stepping up in the face of that adversity is something to be proud of”

Craig Doyal is a Montgomery County native, former small business owner, and graduate of Texas A&M University. He and his wife Amy live in Montgomery, TX and they have three adult children and two granddaughters. The Republican Primary is set to take place March 6, 2018, with Early Voting beginning February 20, 2018.